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Testimonal: Welcome

“Every calling is great when greatly pursued”

Model Garcia Blessing – Congolese

“I was 18 and I hated the fact that I was curvy in a world where the skinny girls got everything.  Modelling has always been something I wanted to pursue but I never thought I’d be accepted. Until one day modelling came looking for me. Wari LACE, Founder of London Africa Cultural Event saw something in me that I was yet to see in myself.  She asked me to model in her first modelling show, “I thought she was joking”.


Wari who also modelled in the past, ensured me she would look after me and wouldn’t permit me any jobs I was uncomfortable with. Wari taught me how to catwalk, pose and be fierce on wherever I go “because you don’t know who is watching you”. 3 years later I have done work for Aunt Jackie’s hair products, Afro Hair and Beauty Live 2015 and LACE. Now 21 years of age, I understand that my curves are not my flaws but something among many things that make me beautiful. “


Model Jennifer Ozegin  – Nigerian

"Year after year I've wanted to gain some experience in the modelling world however I was hesitant. A friend introduced me to London Africa Cultural Event (LACE) and I haven't looked back since. Wari LACE has helped me to believe in myself as a model and most importantly helped me to realise that I have the potential to go on and become great. Being on the catwalk for the first time can almost be daunting however I had Wari by my side who encouraging me and talking to me like I was her own daughter. Even though I was a new model I instantly felt comfortable as Wari made me feel like I was part of the growing model family, from talking to me about the starting of the company to making sure I've had something to eat.


Going to university three times a week, Wari made sure her approach in getting me jobs wouldn't clash with my lectures and would call me to let me know in advance when a show was coming up. For example just before London Cultural Event I was told where and when my hair appointment was and what I had to bring to the show in advance, the shows I have done so far have been well organised. After LACE event I have gone on to do Hype Coiffure 20 years anniversary under Wari LACE.  Becoming a Wari LACE model this year has made me feel a lot more confident in myself, it’s been a great way to make new friends and also network with other people."

Testimonal: Bio

  "Encouragement is the key"

Model Eskiti Eskedar - Habesha

"Entering Face of LACE 2014 competition and winning the prize was the best experience I have had. I have met so many talented professional people across London from winning this title. This has enable me to be in the present of new connection as designers, photographers, hair stylist and make-up artist and of course other organiser like Wari.


Wari is there for me at all time. Not just as an organizer but also a mother who support me at all time."

Model Nicole Brown - Mixed Jamican

"Through Wari LACE I have been given the opportunity to model at London Africa Cultural Event catwalk shows, catwalk at Women at the Crossroads event as well as Afro Hair and Black Live 2015.  Hair presentation for Aunt Jackie’s and Design Essentials hair products .


Wari has been a pleasure to work with. She is friendly, fun but extremely professional which I love as it makes things run more smoothly meaning less stress and more enjoyment."

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