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LACE requires the backing of forward thinking sponsors/investors ready to subscribe to the ideology of LACE during Black History Month. Hosting events of the magnitude and structure we desire, means we have to plan long term and employ the assistance of whole host of professionals. So if you wish for your Company to have Brand Presence on this unique Creative Platform.

"Fashion means diversity, variety and creativity. fashion is ‘identity politics’, clothes are ‘communication devices"



We at LACE wish to give thanks to all our sponsor’s of sponsorship of LACE goodie bags whether it has been in the past, present and currently for the future.


Our founder Wari was once a promotional model where in the past she was one of the first models to promote Utterly Butterly, Snapple Drink, R Twining Fruit & Iced Teas, Red Bull and Sky when it first came into the market and in the past this was the way forward into promoting your products to the audiences at large. We believe that some audiences may not have had the privilege of seeing and finding new products on the market. It also a great gesture to come to an event and have a gift in return.

We at LACE wishes to continues this trend and we wish to thank all the brand companies who have continued to support us for providing their products for the audiences that have come to LACE event and we at LACE are happy to promote their products to the next generation in knowing that such products are available for them to try out and buy for the future.


So if you have ever received a LACE Goodie bags, we would be so grateful for a feedback at on the products that you have received. If you are a company who wishes to sponsor LACE with goodie bags inserts, please get in touch...


‘We have had the pleasure of being a sponsor of LACE for the past two years, and once again we are proud to be a partner this year. Wari’s continued efforts to celebrate the work of emerging and established designers is a testament to her commitment to others and entrepreneurial spirit.  We encourage you to come and join us at this exquisite event hosted in Black History Month and enjoy an evening of cultural diversity”- Luster Products Europe


“The London Africa Cultural Event (LACE), covers all four corners of African culture i.e. Food, fashion, music and hair... Each year I've seen Wari push the boundaries, making sure each years a bigger and better show. LACE is the first of its kind, demonstrating historical and current African trend, here in London. This prestigious event has allowed me to showcase my work on the catwalk, representing what I do at New York Hair Design.” Aycan Kemal 

"We've been delighted to be sponsors of LACE for over three years. When we were contacted by Wari to be a sponsor, LACE's brand values of promoting excellence within African culture immediately resonated with us. Moreover, Wari has proven herself to be a dedicated and trustworthy entrepreneur with a strong and clear vision. Her tenacity and creativity will no doubt see her go from strength to strength." Bolu | The Real African Food Co.

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SPONSOR'S DATA: We don't collect much data about Sponsors – We will collect the details for our contacts within your organisation, such as names, website, social media handles, telephone numbers and email addresses and logo. ...

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