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London Africa Cultural Event

LACE is not just a fashion show!


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LACE have decided to create this event with the help of others who are equally passionate about African culture. Since promoting this event, LACE has become aware of the need for a formalized outlet to create awareness and provide cultural information on the African diaspora’s roots.


We are heading for a future where the next generation will know nothing about its culture. Youngsters are crying out for direction in culture and fashion. A lack of a cultural identity is denying them the inspiration to nurture and celebrate their ethnicity. We are heading for a cultural crisis, so we need to provide information and guidance for the next generation.  

"You must know where you come from to know where you are going"

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"Culture is what defines us we cannot exist without culture. Culture is what binds us together to other people. Our attitudes, values, goals, music and social beliefs are all the stems from our culture."

Are You A Designer, Talented Artist Or Imaginative Student/Graduate Or Any African Related Business, Who Wishes To Exhibit Or Showcase Your Brand For 2022? 


Get In Touch If You Wish To Participate At This Resourceful Event. Come And Let The World Know Your Name!

Inspiration looks of Josephine Baker, Lena Horne, Grace Jones, Diana Ross, En Vogue, Pointer Sister, and Missy Elliot where incorporated in with the celebration for Black History Month during the years at LACE as a learning fact to those who do not know their history through fashion.

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