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  LACE Concept

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“Every calling is great when greatly pursued”

Fashion Inspired!


In the UK, there is the trend of Natural hair and African Inspired design movement and LACE (London Africa Cultural Event), is the vision to provide promotional opportunities whereby emerging Africa inspired designers and artists are able to showcase their work to a global audience. At the heart of the LACE concept is the urgent need of the younger generation to know and understand their roots, and to have confidence in their own identity.  


Within this concept LACE will feature learning educational of our Black History through Fashion and Glamour. This will enable us to go backward to move forward with the different hairstyles like threading as a change to weave.  The purpose of LACE is to help them be ‘somebody’ and to learn how to project that ‘somebody’ to the world at large through talent and hard work.


We believe that “everybody is a somebody”. This is where the concept “I am somebody” comes from. We feel that there is not enough appropriate encouragement and support to make us a “somebody”, so this event will give people who have the skills the chance to show their professionalism in a positive atmosphere. It will offer a platform to show their products to a new, diverse and substantial audience, as well as networking and promotional opportunities.


LACE is not just a fashion show. It provides a platform for emerging designers to work alongside established figures in the industry to promote their work, make connections, and find inspiration for the future. It attracts people from all nationalities and walks of life and incorporates fashion, media and music within a strong business model.


Please take some time to consider what your role in LACE might be. Sponsorship brings the immediate reward of a successful event. Offering internship/apprenticeship opportunities means extending that involvement to the benefit of a young person looking for invaluable work experience, training and a chance to improve their skills.


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  "Encouragement is the key"

“The idea, concept and operations of the show was unique and represented the culture of Africans particularly in Fashion to the forefront of the western world establishing a secure and dynamic link between the two worlds. I was amazed to see true credible ambassadors, representing and promoting being natural, healthy and beautiful with hair-do products and garment which I believe is essential for the world to see and learn from, representing the ideology and identity of the bold and beautiful inspirational African woman.


In all honestly, I whole heartedly stand behind the event mainly because being a representative of the African heritage that endeavours to communicate and educate the ways of our fore fathers from the motherland visually with the merchandise I craft through the eye of art and fashion, LACE represents my beliefs, ethics and value as it helps inform the people about our heritage to which is important in safeguarding our future generations do not forget the ways of their people.“ –  Hall of Peter GH

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