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AfiyaMia is a womenswear brand founded by Mia Blake,


"Being a part of London Africa Cultural Event (LACE) was a great chance for my personal and professional development as a young designer. Going into my final year studying at London College of Fashion, being set a professional brief not only gave me practice in producing a full collection but also served as a real boost to my confidence and capabilities as a designer. To support us in the creation of our collections we were sponsored by SONNA Textiles which was so helpful. They provided us with a generous amount of quality fabrics from which I was able to make the majority of my collection. I found this kind of support detrimental in being able to produce a collection and partake in the showcase as being sponsored for the materials really allowed me to be creative without any concerns. The event itself was an amazing industry level experience, with all the designers given adequate space and facilities to prepare with volunteers provided by LACE to help us set up backstage. The model's where to an extremely high standard as was the overall presentation of the space.


Working with Wari is an experience very uncommon in the industry; it’s very hard to come by people who genuinely care about the young designers they are working with. Wari gave me and the other student designers so much guidance in preparing for the show and also complete honest advice about preparing for the industry. LACE is truly a community that exists through the show.”  

   Designers @ LACE

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"While, we were on our internship, an opportunity popped-up at London Africa Cultural Event by Wari Lace. LACE introduces emerging and upcoming designers who want to showcase their debut collection during London Fashion week. It was a good chance for ‘SidlLiz’ to display their talent with bold prints and silhouettes.


One of the great opportunities for the student’s designers was that we as student’s designers would be sponsored with some SONNA African fabrics and to have one of our finished garments in their shop windows. This is was great opportunities as it save us some money plus it was a great idea to have our garment on a window display for the world to see. We had a great time in going to the store and choosing our fabrics to what we wanted in our collection. t was a busy 2 ½ months and finally the day arrived. The event took place exclusively at Hilton London Tower Bridge hotel on 24th September 2016, which was well organised. We were appointed rooms to get ready before the show. ‘SidlLiz’ was the only designers that had used almost every model there, the hard work paid off when the audience gave us very positive response. Within the show some of the best element, we wish to congratulate specially the work of hairstylist’s, they did an incredible job. SidlLiz got really wonderful reaction from the viewers. Last but not the least, it was really amazing working with Wari. She was a big support and guided us throughout. We will be very glad to work with Wari in future." SidlLiz:


Alice Amponsah



“Taking part in London Africa Cultural Event for the second time in 2014 was very fun and rewarding. My collection was to show my own personal multicultural experience. ‘ Black history month celebration’ allowed me to express my cultural identity through fashion”

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Hall of Peter's GHANA

Urban Roots


“The idea, concept and operations of the show was unique and represented the culture of Africans particularly in Fashion to the forefront of the western world establishing a secure and dynamic link between the two worlds. I was amazed to see true credible ambassadors, representing and promoting being natural, healthy and beautiful with hair-do products and garment which I believe is essential for the world to see and learn from, representing the ideology and identity of the bold and beautiful inspirational African woman.


In all honestly, I whole heartedly stand behind the event mainly because being a representative of the African heritage that endeavours to communicate and educate the ways of our fore fathers from the motherland visually with the merchandise I craft through the eye of art and fashion, LACE represents my beliefs, ethics and value as it helps inform the people about our heritage to which is important in safeguarding our future generations do not forget the ways of their people.“ –  Hall of Peter GH

Urban Roots: "It was great experience, thank you even though I decided to take part in last minute. You (Wari) were always welcoming and patient with me and I really appreciated that, everything was at the best.  I had a very good experience thank you for having me and giving me the possibility to expose my work to your clients and guest. Yes of course I would like to be part in your next shows thank you!"

Alice Amponsah is profoundly deaf and originally from Ghana. She studied at London College of Fashion in fashion textile. Her past project is mostly focus in digital printing with modern, which is her passion. Printing is her strongly talent in creative art. Alice was inspired by a deaf fashion designer in Liverpool, who already has his own business and he encouraged Alice to set up her own design. Akacia Creations, which showcased at LACE 2015.


“My experience with LACE is very privileged and blessed. Met different designers and models were honourable. LACE made my dream come reality. I want to do it again in the future. I was bit concerned about my deafness may stop and affect my dream. With people support and love, I feel more motivated. I have had some contacts for my collections.  My vision is that I want to set up fashion business in Ghana if God willing, were I can help and employ deaf people in Ghana and promote their talents to reality. I was treated by LACE very satisfied. LACE showcased my collection and it gave me exposure and for the next show I am hoping to get more exposure with my brand new exciting collection.”

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Founded by Fashion Designer Constance Ama O'wusuwaah. Belgio-Ghanaian (Belgium based)


"Working with LACE 2013 was a very good experience for me. The fact that they invited me all the way from Belgium and welcomed my work on their platform. The whole organisation was ready to lean a hand when possible. The team was maybe too big or too little, I couldn't really figure that one out cause, when ever I needed help, I had least 3 people who were ready to lean out and help but at the end they all return back late.. Which I didn't know if was cause they were too many people willing to do all the assignment or they were short on staff. The event was very professional organised. I see LACE growing much much bigger and much successful in no time. The support they give talent is massive and I strongly believe this will attract both sponsors and creative minds to get involved. I came all the way from Belgium and unexpectedly I placed LACE on my top 3 fashion show I did the whole 2013. I Defiantly will not hesitate in working again with LACE. Was a great opportunity I didn't regret. " Wusuwaah's Diary came back and showcased at LACE 2015


Wusuwaah's Diary

Michelle Kasujja graduated from Regent’s University in 2013 with a BA. She was born in Sweden but her origins are from Uganda. She came to London city to experience the multi cultures in fashion. Michelle has showcase with LACE in 2013 and 2014.


“Wari has been a mentor to me ever since I first met her. She introduced me to LACE in 2013, and gave me the opportunity to showcase my work at her event after graduating from University in 2013. Being part of LACE, I have gained valuable experience, where I have made connections and got to show who I am truly as a fashion designer. She saw potential in me and that I could become somebody. Wari has encouraged me and supported me all the way and I’m very thankful for it. Being part of LACE has opened doors for me as a Fashion Designer and I believe that LACE is a great opportunity for young designers who wish to promote their work and show their talents.”

Michelle Kasujja