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Maya Blu: September 22, 2014 ·

Black History Month in the U.K. takes place in October and there are so many great events happening which need your support . I am so happy to be a part of a few and LACE Celebration of Black History Month 2014 is just one ! I am the host for this super fabulous fashion event ( and I may even sing a track or two ) which takes place on the 17th . Be great to see ya !


This is where I will be tomorrow as host of this amazing fashion event ! Can't wait !! ‪Saturdayyyy!!! So much planned for this weekend . Hope you all have a good one ! Yesterday at the London Africa Cultural Event was a great experience for me . Something quite new but definitely something I can see myself doing more of . Here's to more hosting opportunities coming my way !

  • LACE 2017 catwalk show was co-hosted by multi award winning broadcast journalist Claire Clottey, a renowned as a culturally and socially conscious commentator in the world of media and events. and ‘The Prophet Kwaku Activist/ Radio Presenter who has an extensive knowledge of Afrikan history.


  • LACE 2016 was once again co-hosted by 5ive the Barber/Stylist,’ and Janine Yates the Founder & Host of Reggaeoke (London’s immensely popular reggae, dancehall and soca karaoke event)



  • LACE 2015 catwalk show was co-hosted by Sonia Meggie, award winning social entrepreneur, philanthropist and community activist and ‘5ive the Barber/Stylist,’ one of the main leaders in creating innovating and unique hairstyles for men and women. With over 20 years of experience he has successfully created a distinct and undisputed reputation for himself within the competitive world of hairdressing.


  • Michelle Escoffery - LACE 2014 host at Westminster Kingsway College.

  • Donna Murray-Turner - LACE 2013 host at the Holiday Inn Bloomsbury.

  • Comedian Donna Spence - LACE 2013 host at Westminster Kingsway College.