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What categories of Hair Competition is needed:



  • No hair Pieces or attachments must be used in this category,


  • Hair should be natural or relaxed and coloured using Semi Permanent or Permanent Hair dyes.



  • At least 50% of the hair must be braided. Braids must include the model’s own hair.



  • At least 50% of the hair must be threaded.


The look

  • Cutting and Styling technique




Afro – Natural

  • No false hair or attachments must be used in this category. Hair should be 100% natural afro texture including Locs variations. It can also include colour.



  • Variety of different headwraping styles

LACE is a mentoring and opportunities enterprise, where the cost will reflect on which competitions you are entering but moreso opportunities to all who enters. If you are thinking “how will this benefit me if I not the winner”? Everybody is a winner! But really if you are serious about your career then do not hesitate.


Breakdown of the charges for the competitions 5% to charity, 95% for the administration fee of promotion and opportunities for the contestant into whether if you win or lose. LACE as a brand believes that nobody is a loser!


  • Opportunities to be a LACE winner

  • Opportunities to be known as LACE contestants

  • Opportunities to be represented by LACE

  • Opportunities to showcase your talents at LACE 2015

  • Media Exposure of the event competitions

  • High Quality Judges in the business of each categories of the competition and the necessary important guidance advice’s from them

  • Social media of the event competitions

  • Press coverage nationally and international of the event

  • Press coverage for the contestant and for the winners.

  • A goodie bag of hair products from Design Essentials UK

  • The winner to showcase and be seen showcasing their talents in company of an audience at LACE 2015.

  • Days with Celebrities established hairstylist's opportunities as work experience to see an insight of a talented artists. The winner will have opportunities as intern at Design Essentials UK and Hype Coiffure at their salon.


This experience value is so much than £50, a worth of knowledge that you would not get without entering.

Opportunities that you would have not got before entering and paying the required application fee, so ask yourself what is stopping you from progressing forward. Nobody will help you until you can help yourself. How will people know that you are interested in being helped if you do not come forward for the help?

Application fee13 HAIR
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(10MB max)
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* Required



  • PayPal Payment of Hair Contest Application fee of £50

  • Must be returned with application form


The judging is done in three parts – First Round , Second Round demonstration and Final Round judging. All entrants will be informed as to whether or not they have gained finalist status.



All photographs will have a unique code for the appropriate category, so all photographs are judged anonymously. Any judge, who has an entrant in a category that they employ, or has given advice to any entrant in a category, is not allowed to judge that category. The judging is overseen by an adjudicator, whose job is to sign-off and validate each judging form. Use the following guidelines through the entry process and to ensure your entries are processed without delay.



It is important that you choose a good photographer to record your work, as this is a selection photographic competition, where their skill is vital to the success of your application. This could involve a student photographer  who is experienced in photography.



The competition takes into consideration a photographic content to deemed the finalist, as this is an important part of showcasing your work for showcase at LACE event. No props and enhanced backgrounds as it may distract from the hair. Colour manipulation of images is NOT permitted in the hair colour category.

No more than two faces may appear in any one photograph.

Photographs may be black and white or colour

Professional photographers, make-up artists and stylists may be used.

Images needs to be head and shoulders, but they do need to focus on the hair, mainly in terms of lighting and pose, so it vital that the hair is well lit.



All images must be 10” x 8” image

All categories: Please upload with SEVEN 10” x 8” colour or black and white high resolution images in JPEG (.jpg) format. Please ensure that every photograph you submit has a label on as a PDF listing the following: Name of the stylist, Name of the salon/college, Name of photographer, Name of make-up artist.


  • Candidates MUST NOT have worked in the Hair industry at a professional level.

  • All styles submitted must have been styled solely by the person entering the competition.

  • UK entrants must be working in a UK salon/college.


To protect the ‘blind’ judging process, all photographs submitted for each category must be of unpublished work.

You will need to describe the details of all styles submitted on a PDF sheet of plain A4 and highlight the two or more styles that are on the model’s natural textured hair.

Please submit a recent photograph of yourself, for use in the presentation, programme and magazine.

If you are entering more than one category, please send the required number of different styles for each of the categories.

For example,  If you choose to enter the Colourist category, you will need to choose The Look category as well, you will be required to enter FOUR images.

Make sure all hairstyles are on SEPARATE models as the judges are trying to see the breadth of your hairdressing skills using a variety of hair types and textures. ONE model wearing different hairstyles will not count as a separate entry, neither will back or side views of the same hairstyle. You will face disqualification if you use the same model for all four looks.

As your work needs to be judged anonymously, please do not publish the images on social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, blogs or websites.



Please make payment by paypal through website and send back submission form

  • All entries must be received by Friday 15th August 2015.

  • All entrants who have been shortlisted for the finals of the LACE Hair 2015 will be notified in writing during August.

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