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“I see other black women imitate my style, which is no style at all, but just letting our hair be itself. They call it the Afro Look.”  Miriam Makeba.


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Winner of Face of LACE 2014. Eskiti Eskedar. Her name is Rahel, but she is called Eskiti. 20 years old and she has been modelling for the last 3 years. Her nationality is Habesha (Habesha is a term Ethiopians and Eritreans use to refer to themselves. The meaning of Habesha is when Ethiopian and Eritrea use to be called before they become two separate countries).


LACE asked her why she entered for the Face of LACE competition?

Eskiti replied "that she wanted to enter for the Face of LACE competition to represent Africa, African culture with its amazing bio diversity, people who take pride in preserving their diverse culture.


Entering Face of LACE 2014 competition and winning the prize was the best experience I have had. I have met so many talented professional people across London from winning this title. This has enable me to be in the present of new connection as designers, photographers, hair stylist and make-up artist and of course other organiser like Wari.


Wari is there for me at all time. Not just as an organizer but also a mother who support me at all time. Being the Face of LACE has also gave me opportunity to work and appear in nationally leading African inspired magazine which is covered internationally, such as, MyTrinity, DivaScribe and Black Hair magazine. I had catwalked as a model for LACE 2014 event during Black History month as part of the winner prize and was included in the lead up to all promotional material for the event. I was also even given opportunities for other works through LACE representation such as hair modelling for Hype Coiffure for the hair award. The images of the photo shoot were included within the finalist of the categories. Currently there have been more hair modelling for Anne Veck for other hair awards to be put forward to.


I highly recommend this competition and event for those who are willing to be a professional model. It will boost their confidence, skill and energy. From the moment of winning the title until the next finalist, no matter whether it takes one year or over a year, my reign is officially over when I pass on the title to the new Face of LACE. To be honest, it is a bit difficult for me to let go of the title however even after I have passed it on, I will continue working hard, doing what a Face of LACE supposed to do."

Winner of Face of LACE 2015 is Ijeoma Peter, but she like to be called Margaret. Margaret is 23 years old and she has never modelled before. Her nationality is Nigerian.


LACE asked her why she entered for the Face of LACE competition?

Margaret replied in saying that “she entered the face of LACE 2015 competition because she loved what LACE stands for. It offers designers and artists a chance to showcase their work and show the beauty and diversity in Africa. Who wouldn’t want to be involved in that!”


What has your experience been since winning?

“Since becoming the Face of LACE 2015, I have a sponsorship with Design Essentials UK, catwalked for the LACE 2015 event, which was held on 26th September at Hotel Russell and Hype Coiffure 20th anniversary event. My first ever photo shoot was to promote LACE 2015. As the Face of LACE 2015 I have enjoyed working with many talented individuals and companies. And I look forward to seeing what else is to come for me. As a beginner into modelling, Wari has been there to guide and support me throughout all of this.


I highly recommend entering the Face of LACE competition. For anyone who is unsure about modelling this experience has taught me that you don’t know what you can achieve if you do not try. “


What do you think about the £25 fee?

“Although there is a £25 fee to enter into the competition, I felt that it was a small amount to paid in comparison to the opportunities and monetary benefits I have gained from entering this competition to became the FACE of LACE. “


Winner of Face of LACE 2016 are Osamudiame Joanette and Naomi Browne.

Osamudiame Joanette is 24 years old, she has been modelling for a while.  Her nationality is Nigerian.

Naomi is 17 years old and she was very new to modelling. Her nationality is Jamaican and Antiguan


LACE asked them why they entered for the Face of LACE competition?

Osamudiame: "I love what LACE represents. Love of creative hair with fashion And good care for health hair. Its would be a good opportunity to be a part of LACE."


Naomi: "It would be a pleasure for me to represent the unique brand that LACE is and all it stands for. I'd love to see how much I could achieve in a year with them!"


What has your experience been since winning?

Osamudiame:"The first time I got involved with LACE was about three years ago for the annual show, the team was amazing throughout and I had fun doing the show. As a model at shows, photoshoots or fashion events you meet people who make unending promises of keeping in touch with job opportunities and never keep to them but things were different with Wari, at some point on the day of the LACE show she kept complimenting my cheekbones and my height and would pull my cheeks and say "my dear there is so much we can do and we would talk after the show" and I just smiled and thought it would be the same then few weeks after the show she would call to go for auditions or checking my availability for a show or hair exhibition, she attends the show or sends a message after to make sure I was treated properly and I really appreciated her doing that. The environment is so peaceful, going from my fellow models to those working behind the scenes have been really great. This year I was named one of the two Faces of LACE 2016 and it’s been great. I have been introduced to genuinely nice people with the best intentions and always make you sure you are well treated. I have had a great time working with the team and I am looking forward to the future."


Naomi:"The last few months have flown by and looking back I am really proud of work that I have done with LACE. I have done a few shoots and shows, most recently I modelled at the Black Beauty Sensationnel Hair Awards 2016. This was my first time at a hair awards show and it was very exciting. The atmosphere is always positive, and even if slightly intense at times, everyone always executes which makes all the effort worth it. To me, all work that I do is a learning experience; whether it comes in the form of practicing choreography for a walk, heeding advice from Wari (Mother Hen) or just observing the talented models that I get to be around. In the New Year, I look forward to upcoming opportunities to build on what I have achieved as the Face of LACE and continue to enjoy my role."


What do you think about the £25 fee?

Osamudiame: "Although in the pursuit to be the Face of LACE there is a fee of £25 for the application and it is worth it for the the exposure and opportunities I have gotten from not just winning but been a participant ."

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The competition is open to female models, all races are welcome.


Participating models will need to submit the following:


    •      1 High resolution clear Portrait headshot and 1 Full Length shot.

    •      Each photo must have a clear shot of your own natural hair. (female)

    •      Applicant must be aged 17 - 30

    •      Women must be a minimum 5.7ft in height

    •      Dress size 8 -14 (female)  

    •      We will need you to state your Name, Age and Statistic.

    •      Prior modelling is desired but not essential

  •   Please send a short clips of your catwalking if you do not have. experience

    •      Application form to be filled out ONLINE



When we have made request to what is needed within the rules, we have been questioned on one particular area, Hair! We wish to clarify to why this area of HAIR is very significant. We at LACE request and require all models to have their own hair out on show to any castings and for any event shows that LACE is involved with.


The reasons for this is that Wari LACE / London Africa Cultural Event is from back in the days when models were requested and required to have their own hair out and also back than it was not the norm to have weaved hair as a model.


The ethics of LACE is that we work with enormous talented celebrities’ and upcoming hairstylists, hair award salons and leading hair products. By having your own hair out makes the model casting go smooth which enable the hairstylists to quickly see the condition of your hair to determine into what hair treatments, products and styles which would be best for your hair and one of the important factor is that they need to feel the condition of your hair, so it very important to understand why we have implement this strategy for all activities within LACE models.


So models, you can now see that this is all for your own best interest!


Entrance fee: PayPal Payment of Face of LACE Application fee of £25 MUST be returned with application form.


Please make payment by PAYPAL through website and send back submission form by 30th June 2017


Voting begins in JULY 2017. Deadline for entries 30th JUNE 2017  


Judges will VOTE to who is the finalist's in July Public will VOTE who is the winner in JULY 2017 through Facebook.

This competition is open for UK resident only!





LACE is not a pageant where you are paying for admission cost only to enter. LACE is a mentoring and opportunities enterprise, where the cost will reflect on which competitions you are entering but moreso opportunities to all who enters. If you are thinking “how will this benefit me if I not the winner”? Everybody is a winner! But really if you are serious about your career then do not hesitate.


Breakdown of the charges for the competitions 5% to charity, 95% for the administration fee of promotion and opportunities for the contestant into whether if you win or lose. LACE as a brand believes that nobody is a loser!


Opportunities to be a LACE winner

Opportunities to be known as LACE contestants

Opportunities to be represented by LACE

Opportunities to showcase your talents at LACE 2017

Media Exposure of the event competitions

High Quality Judges in the business of each categories of the competition and the necessary important guidance advice’s from them

Social media of the event competitions

Press coverage nationally and international of the event

Press coverage for the contestant and for the winners.


The winner will be the featured model showcasing your talents in company of an audience at LACE 2017.

Opportunities to showcase and photoshoot for internationally renown designers.

The winner will have opportunities for Makeovers at Design Essentials UK and Hype Coiffure salons

Cash prizes and a goodie bag of hair products.

This, all for the price of £25.

Opportunities that you would have not got before entering and paying the required application fee, so ask yourself what is stopping you from progressing forward. Nobody will help you until you can help yourself. How will people know that you are interested in being helped if you do not come forward for the help?


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2016 © London Africa Cultural Event All rights reserved

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