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(LACE) London Africa Cultural Event wishes to announce that we are endorsing and supporting the Sickle Cell Society as this year’s official choice of charity. We have decided to change charity to give other African Diasporas the opportunity of LACE supporting them. We at LACE wish to thank Sickle Cell Society for giving us the privilege of endorsing LACE in supporting Sickle Cell Society.


LACE would like for all designers who are exhibiting or showcasing to donate one item for auction to the Sickle Cell Society .


LACE will endeavor to raise awareness and funds through this year’s event regarding sickle cell disease - a blood disorder which mainly affects those of Afro-Caribbean origin. Sickle cell disease comprises a group of inherited blood disorders which affect particularly Afro-Caribbean people, as well as people from parts of Europe, Asia and the Middle East.


It is caused by changes in the hemoglobin - the substance that carries oxygen inside the red blood cells. It can lead to acute chest pain, anemia, palpitations, bone wasting, painful swelling of hands and feet, strokes, an enlarged spleen and other infections, such as meningitis.    

There are a variety of treatments for the disease, including strong pain-killing drugs - if not treated it can be fatal.


The Sickle Cell Society provides support, information and advice to people living with Sickle Cell. 15,000 people in the UK live with sickle cell disorders.


Sickle Cell Society offer:

• Support at home, befriending, respite care and advocacy for patients & their families

• A holiday for children with sickle cell

• Education Services

• Lobbying & Campaigning

• Raising awareness of sickle cell


For more information on Sickle Cell please go to:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sickle-Cell-Society-UK/196323573736833

Twitter: @SickleCell UK  Sign Up for Free Membership today and help us make a difference!


 Endorsing @ LACE



Quote from Sickle Cell Society: "Over the weekend, we went to the London Africa Cultural Event. They kindly made us a beneficiary. We took pictures of the hot fashion showcased at the event, putting Black designers and models front and centre like no other fashion event. Check it out here" https://www.facebook.com/media/set/…

Sickle cell LACE2015


Sickle Cell Society UK August 21, 2015 · Sweet! LACE 2015--London's hottest new fashion and cultural event--has got a mention in My Trinity Magazine!



"On behalf of the ACLT Charity and the patients and families we represent in the UK and around the world,  I would like to say ‘thank you’ to you and your team for supporting ACLT charity over the last 2 years (2013 & 2014)."

Beverley De-Gale, OBE - Co-Founder and Director of Operations


Celebrating life, positive living & lifesaving donors


"Thank you very much for the support LACE has given to ACLT over the last two years (2013 & 2014)."

LACE events have helped to raise valuable awareness about the need for stem cell (bone marrow), blood and organ donors."

Gregory Alleyne - Community Fundraising

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The Sickle Cell Society is grateful for the support and partnership of the London Africa Cultural Event. We have been the chosen charity of LACE, and LACE has generously donated substantial cash sums as well as numerous beautiful gifts which we have raffled or auctioned, including African fashion, jewellery and luxury hotel stays. We’ve worked with LACE for two years running and enjoyed their kind donations and the boost in awareness of the disorder.



Once again thank you for inviting my wife and I to the Sickle Cell Society event. We don’t often travel to London from Oxfordshire for events, so this was exceptional and we thoroughly enjoyed it. We expected the evening to be educational and informative which it was but the auction was a surprising bonus. My wife and I won the top prize of an overnight stay at Hotel Russell which was fun, especially knowing it was all going towards a good cause. We are really looking forward to coming to London to see a show and spending the night at what will be a newly refurbished and grand hotel.