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   Artist's @ LACE

“A big thank you to LACE for an amazing event (London African Cultural Event) the standard was so high and the models and designers were amazing!! Thanks for making us feel so welcome .” Halii Ihonde


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Lenéa Purple Twa Herew

“It was a pleasure performing today! Thank you Wari Lace for having me. The designs were amazing” 

Santino Bucknall is a 18 year old Singer-Songwriter and Rapper from South London who has an overriding passion for connecting with people and spreading a message through his musical abilities.


Nicole and Santino performed a duet act at LACE 2016 Nicole has been singing for a well in addition as being a boxer, model & painter.

Lenea Herew as Purple Twa is the songstress & writer who is known for enchantingly melodic songs that flower the imagination and light up your hear.Born in London and raised in Jamaica, Lenéa's musical expression reflects the influences of both cultures in a sensual, healing and soul-bares-all blend of soul, reggae, jazz and spoken word.

Monique-Danielle is a neo-soul artist influenced by the sounds of R&B, Soul, Jazz, Country and Traditional African genres. Performing from a very young age she has undertaken intense vocal training and has built a career as a collaborative song writer and vocalist. She prides herself on being an honest and soulful artist, drawing influences from personal experience striving to be ‘relatable with longevity'.

Liz Ogumbo - KenSoul

Liz is a creative entity, fashion designer & stylist, performing artist and author, originally from Kenya, based in South Africa with a specific focus in music in fashion and fashion in music.

Halii ihonde is a sensational up and coming jazz Nigerian jazz singer who resides in America. Halii's voice has and style has been described as very distinct nu jazz, she combines organic natural melodic tones with a rhythmic understanding.  Let her take you on a musical journey filled with rich expressive tone, amazing voicing and an incredible vocal range displaying her amazing incredible range!  Her voice will seduce your senses as soon as you hear her sing Live!!

Nairobi Thompson has thirty years of learning management and training experience to include Leadership, mentoring and coaching delivered to large multinational organisations across Europe. On the artistic front Nairobi is a prolific writer and performance poet. Her style is distinctive and her poetry inspires, challenges and empathises.  

Michelle Escoffery introduces Maya blu: New Single: ‘high heels’

Having consistently amassed accolades as one of the UK’s most respected songwriters, singer Michelle Escoffery is making a return to the limelight as a solo artist with a new guise and a new album. Maya Blu, presents her first single ‘High Heels’ - a nostalgic track paying homage to a throwback era of 90’s pop/soul with nods to lovers rock and reggae. Written by Michelle and co-written and produced by Gil Cang whose credentials include Michael Jackson amongst others, the single is one that she describes as “Jamaica-Soul”. She explains, “High Heels is an outlet to celebrate my Jamaican heritage, what I like to call Jamaica-Soul mixed with a celebration of womanhood”.